Production Fastening Systems (PFS) has introduced many parts throughout its rich 25 year history. One of which is the PFS slotted cable hanger. Introduced in 1991, the slotted cable hangers are made to support a wide range of cables of varying diameters. From the ESL-2- for 2 cables to the ESL-8- for eight cables, PFS has you covered. With it’s practical design, the ESL cable hanger makes moving individual cables easy without neighboring cables becoming tangled or bunched.

Along with being extremely hassle free, every PFS slotted cable hanger is also extremely versatlie. Manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, or plated with zinc to provide extra protection against corrosive elements, the slotted cable hanger proves to fit your needs. Because they can be effortlessly adapted to the job at hand, our cable hangers can be installed on almost any structural member in any industry. They are also available with M-10 tapped metric studs, which means that, in addition to other stud types, your cable hangers can be fastened to M-10 male-threaded studs.

We are proud to share that our slotted cable hangers have successfully completed shock testing by the U.S. Department Of The Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding Shock and Vibration (Test Report #6913-3-3650: approved).

PFS’s slotted cable hangers are equipped to meet all of your steel fabrication, offshore, and shipboard cable needs!