T-SEP Assembly, PFS’s one-of-a-kind pneumatic tube separation assembly, is designed to maintain a 1/8 in. separation within pneumatic tube delivery systems while still preventing crevice corrosion from occurring within the tubing.

Traditionally, parallel runs of pneumatic tubing have been separated through the use of saddles a method that is effective in terms of keeping the tubing spaced evenly apart, but which allows corrosive elements to gather in the points of separation. The T-SEP Assembly’s unique design allows those elements to escape the tubing before corrosion can develop.

To ensure your assembly will be hassle free, PFS creates a drawing for approval prior to manufacturing. Drawings contain all dimensions to ensure that your assembly will rest efficiently in your tray. Once drawings are approved, manufacturing begins immediately. Drawings consider factors including:

-Tray Type
-Tray Manufacturer
-Tray Size
-Tray Material
-Tube Size(s)
-Tube runs/ Size
-Hardware Access Points
-Turn Radius (if tray will be making turns)

And more to fit your desired configuration. Once all factors are considered, a mock up CAD drawing is produced. Manufacturing the assembly will not begin until drawings are approved. This ensures that your installation will be easy and free of surprises.