Pneumatic tubing can be installed in a harsh environment that is highly susceptible to corrosion. The notches and saddling of alternative tube spacing techniques can leave a crevice where corrosion may not be visible. The Production Fastening Systems T-SEP Assembly, pneumatic tube separation system, allows elements to escape the tubing before corrosion can develop.

Production Fastening Systems has continued to improve the T-SEP Assembly since its inception in 2000. Through diligent research and technology, the Non-Metallic Tube Spacer is the latest evolution of the T-SEP Assembly spacers. Production Fastening Systems included input from both engineers and tubing installers to develop this spacer as a highly effective and installer-friendly solution.

The innovative design of the Non-Metallic Tube Spacer elevates and separates the tubing, preventing corrosion and allowing the tubing to be thoroughly inspected for buildup. The thermoplastic, delta-shaped spacer allows air flow between tubes, and the lack of metal-to-metal contact increases corrosion prevention. The spacer also features snap-in-place technology for ease of installation.

The Production Fastening Systems website features a wealth of information about T-SEP Assembly and the Non-Metallic Tube Spacers. Highly detailed photos and videos show the tube spacers, demonstrate the technology and installation process, and provide side-by-side comparisons of Production Fastening System’s tube spacers with other types susceptible to corrosion.

For more information about T-SEP Assembly and the Non-Metallic Tube Spacers, visit, email sales(at)pfsno(dot)com, or call (800)-216-1827.

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