In an effort to supply the most resources for our customers, Production Fastening Systems is active on all major social media websites. Here’s a list of our presence along with our associated names:

*Facebook – Production Fastening Systems, L.L.C.

*Twitter- PFSNO_Studman

*Instagram – PFSNO

*Google+ – Production Fastening Systems, L.L.C.

*Youtube – PFSNO

*LinkedIn – Production Fastening Systems, L.L.C.

Any news on Slotted Cable Hangers, Pneumatic Tube Supports, Arc Weld Studs, Stud Welding Equipment, T-SEP Assemblies, Preventatives for Crevice Corrosion, Tubing Line Clips, Crimp Hangers, or and other stud welding/ fastener needs will be posted to our social media sites. We look forward to providing this service as we evolve into the new social media age.

Stay tuned for posts, tweets, images, hashtags, videos, and connections!