Since its inception in 2000, Production Fastening Systems’ T-SEP Assembly has continued to evolve while keeping one goal- preventing crevice corrosion by efficiently aligning and separating pneumatic tubing. PFS’s pneumatic tube separation assembly is designed to maintain a separation within pneumatic tube delivery systems while significantly reducing the opportunity for crevice corrosion. Traditionally, parallel runs of pneumatic tubing have been separated through the use of saddles or notching a method that is effective in terms of tube separation, but allows corrosive elements to gather at the points of separation or beneath the tube. The T-SEP Assembly’s unique design allows those elements to escape the tubing before corrosion can develop. Through diligent research and utilization of evolving technology, PFS stands by the T-SEP assembly as the most efficient method of pneumatic tube separation.

As an alternative to the original stainless steel 316 tube spacers, PFS now offers the same separation with spacers manufactured from a UV stabilized acetal homopolymer resin.

1.) Round-on-round positioning for minimal surface contact.
2.) Spacers are non-hygroscopic.
3.) Allows 360° visual inspection of tubing.
4.) Offers complete and stable platform mounted to channel or ladder tray or PFS Slotted T-Bar tube support.
5.) Environmentally resilient against UV, salt/ chlorides and other contaminants.
6.) Helps prevent oxygen starvation by allowing more airflow throughout the assembly.
7.) Helps prevent dirt and chloride accumulation on the tube surface due to three dimensional positioning of horizontal and vertical separators.
8.) Snap fit to assist in stabilizing tubes during installation.
9.) NO crevice exists where corrosive materials will accumulate unseen to create crevice corrosion.