Click Bond fasteners and adhesives offer an alternative solution for challenging situations where hot work and welding are prohibited or where paint, galvanized surfaces, aluminum, and plate thickness present direct fastening challenges. Production Fastening Systems carries Click Bond products as well as adhesives capable of bonding the fasteners to almost any material.
Production Fastening systems carries Click Bond mounts, standoffs, and studs, available in 300 series cres, carbon steel, zinc plate, and aluminum. Click Bond fasteners are capable of supporting loads from 25 lbs tension and shear to 6000 lbs tension and 9000 lbs shear. Threaded studs and tapped standoffs are approved by ABS. These Click Bond fasteners, used in conjunction with Click Bond adhesives, reduce instances of structural compromise and offer expanded options when structural drilling is unavailable.
Click Bond Adhesives, also available from PFS, match the specified requirements of Click Bond fasteners and are suitable for use in challenging environments. The adhesives have excellent environmental and water resistance and a service temperature ranging from -40°F to 250°F. Adhesives achieve full strength in 24 hours and handling strength within 15 – 30 minutes depending on ambient temperature.
By carrying Click Bond fasteners and adhesives, Production Fastening Systems can now offer fasteners for an even wider range of welding situations, including those involving fuel immersion, fluid exposure, and high vibration. This innovative range of welding products offers strength and consistency in challenging environments.
For more information about Click Bond fasteners and adhesives or other stud welding products, visit PFSNO website, email us, or call (800)-216-1827.