From Slotted Cable Hangers, Pneumatic Tube Supports and Channel Mounting Brackets to Arc Weld Studs, Click Bond Studs and T-SEP Assemblies, Production Fastening Systems understands that item descriptions can only provide so much to the consumers. In an effort to be more visually descriptive, PFS has placed the “See in Action” link on many of it’s product pages. This link brings the consumer to a series of images that help to better depict the product in it’s eventual environment. For instance, the “Slotted Cable Hanger” can be summed up as a hangers that is made to support a wide range of cables of varying diameters. Information on it’s product page is plentiful and very helpful. However, we encourage you to explore the “See in Action” button to see the Slotted Cable Hanger mounted to a 3/8″ diameter weld stud on an oil rig. This is how the Slotted Cable Hanger is meant to be viewed. PFS always strives to bring the most useful content to our customers so that they can make the best decisions for their projects.