Production Fastening Systems recently released alternative mounting options for the T-SEP (Tube Separation) Assembly. In particular, mounting the T-SEP to a PFS SLP Pneumatic Tube Support is a great solution to running tubing anywhere. Typically, pneumatic tube runs are mounted into channel or ladder tray, however, there are instances when the tubing must exit the tray or exist outside the tray all together. In shipbuilding, offshore platform, and steel fabrication projects, maintaining pneumatic tubing is essential to the work at hand. The SLP was deseigned to offer an easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant stud mount pneumatic tube supports to ensure that tubing systems are protected at all times. Our SLP tapped tube supports fasten to 3/8-16 studs and can support pneumatic tubing sized 1/4 in. through 3/4 in. PFS’s SLP-type stud mount pneumatic tube supports are manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, and are used with standard line clamps, resulting in a durable, convenient tube support method. Partnering the SLP with the T-SEP Assembly is an excellent way to take the corrosion protection element a step further! Along with the other options we make available to our customers, our slotted cable hangers-both ESL-type (for electrical) and SLP-type (for pneumatic tubes)-as well as our crimp-type tapped cable hangers are available with M-10 tapped metric studs. This means that, in addition to other studs, cable hangers can now be fastened to M-10 male threaded studs.

PFS’s stud mount pneumatic tube supports are:

Quick and simple to install (supports fasten easily onto welded studs)
Made of corrosion-resistant grade 316 stainless steel (other alloys also available)
Adjustable (to allow increase or decrease in number of tubing runs)
Mounted to 3/8 in. diameter studs (to allow for standardization of electrical and pneumatic weld stud supports)
Designed to prevent rust from accumulating (the studs allow for the tubing to stand off the base material to prevent corrosion)