PFS now offers the T-SEP as an In-Line Assembly. In this configuration, the same tube separation and alignment is achieved by direct clamping. In other configurations, the T-SEP is mounted to channel tray, ladder tray, or to a welded stud by way of the PFS SLP Pneumatic Tube Support. Though these are not the only ways to mount the T-SEP, it does represent the most common applications. The In-Line configuration presents the opportunity to continue separating, aligning and clamping tube runs when mounting is unnecessary. The antonym for this configuration will be IL- for “In Line”. For example: a part # T-SEP34-2IL would be an assembly to accommodate 4 half inch tubes (3) with an in line/ un-mounted configuration. As is the case with other configurations, a drawing for approval will be created for the In Line version prior to manufacturing.


Since its inception in 2000, Production Fastening Systems’ T-SEP Assembly has continued to evolve while keeping one goal- preventing crevice corrosion by efficiently separating pneumatic tubing. PFS’s pneumatic tube separation assembly is designed to maintain a separation within pneumatic tube delivery systems while significantly reducing the opportunity for crevice corrosion. Traditionally, parallel runs of pneumatic tubing have been separated through the use of saddles or notching a method that is effective in terms of tube separation, but allows corrosive elements to gather at the points of separation or beneath the tube. The T-SEP Assembly’s unique design allows those elements to escape the tubing before corrosion can develop. Through diligent research and utilization of evolving technology, PFS stands by the T-SEP assembly as the most efficient method of pneumatic tube separation.