How ARC Stud Welding Reduces Manufacturing Costs

When it comes to industrial fabrication, the production of high quality products should never be compromised by cost concerns. That being said, the consideration of cost is a necessary evil of any endeavor. How can engineers ensure that a project is both cost-effective and in shipshape condition?
ARC stud welding offers numerous advantages that help to reduce costs without jeopardizing the integrity of the final product.

Time savings

ARC stud welding takes a fraction of the time that equivalent welding and fastening processes require. One stud can be affixed in less than a second.

Increased productivity

Many welding and fastening processes rely on a series of steps ranging from pre-drilling and punching to riveting. Because studs require access to only one side of a surface, none of these prerequisites are necessary when stud welding. Stud welds can even be attached to painted surfaces without the need of grinding and re-coating.

Improved versatility

The need to access to sides of a surface for fastening can create expensive, time-consuming design restrictions for engineers. The capacity of studs to be welded to one side of a surface makes the process of stud welding a more versatile option for designers and builders.
Additionally, studs can be welded with stock metal shapes to allow innovative engineers to affordably re-create costly, custom-designed variant fabrications.

Enhanced durability

ARC stud welding creates a secure, one-sided weld that resists vibrations, breaking, loosening and weakening. Improved durability extends the life of products, reducing long-term expenses.

Energy savings

Time savings and increased productivity inherently lead to improved energy efficiency. By using PFSNO’s ARC-656M, welders can gain even greater energy efficiency. The 656M improves upon the standard ARC-656 power supply, which uses an inefficient continuous-duty fan. The 656M, by contrast, is equipped with an on-demand cooling fan that is activated only when equipment needs to be cooled, reducing energy loss significantly.