As oil prices have slumped, finding cost-effective ways to maintain offshore oil platforms has gained a sense of urgency. Part of that effort depends on making existing equipment more durable and longer-lasting without sacrificing safety.

Benjamin Franklin made a case for the importance of small things in the larger picture when he credited the loss of a war to the loss of one horse’s shoe nail. Likewise, when seeking ways to maintain standards and simultaneously moderate expenses offshore, perhaps the most logical place to begin the hunt is in the nearly invisible equipment that holds these monolithic structures together.

Throughout oil rigs, both pneumatic and electrical tubing runs are vital elements to a platform’s performance. Non-metallic T-SEP assemblies are a relatively minute investment with potentially profound savings.

Reduce crevice corrosion

ESL and SLP tube runs are susceptible to crevice corrosion that endangers the integrity of an entire structure. Because SLP tube runs often carry high temperature gasses that could contribute to fires, air pollution, and dangerous heat release, it’s necessary to keep them adequately protected.

One of the chief threats to these tubes is crevice corrosion. Because by its nature it proliferates in minute cracks and gaps, crevice corrosion is nearly impossible to detect. However, if allowed to go unchecked, this tiny corruption to the tubing can wreak havoc to an oil rig.

The non-metallic T-SEP assembly allows for full visibility of a tube while eliminating metal-to-metal contact, reducing the potential for crevice corrosion. By lowering the risk of corrosion, future maintenance costs are diminished as well.

Improved durability

Even austenitic steel can fall prey to corrosion in the harsh environment offshore platforms endure. To solve this problem, we’ve created non-metallic, UV-resistant tube spacers to virtually eliminate the danger of crevice corrosion. The durability of these spacers contributes to the overall structural integrity of the platforms, and structural integrity means a reduction in the cost of maintenance down the line.

Easy assembly

The T-SEP assembly tube spacers are designed with ease of installation in mind. The spacers can be adapted to hold any number of tubes, and they are compatible with 1/4 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 3/4 in., 9/16 in., and 1 in. diameter tubing.

Installers can easily snap tubes into place where they are secured by a built-in ballard. In this way, the installer can prepare the top retainer for fastening without the hassle of holding onto several tubes. Easy assembly means improved productivity and increased speed, reducing maintenance costs in yet another way.