With a global economy that has become increasingly insecure, industry leaders are seeking means by which to optimize processes without compromising the quality of throughput. An innovative enhancement to an existing process reduces costs, maximizes productivity, and increases efficiency with no violation of parameters or specs.

Optimized Fabrication

On its own, arc stud welding optimized fabrication processes exponentially.

  • Eliminating the need for access to the back sides of members and reducing the time required for preparation leads to briefer welding time cycles.
  • A briefer welding time cycle allows for a diminished heat input to the base metal, decreasing the heat affected zones, distortion of the base metal, and overaging and softening.
  • While conventional arc welding of threaded fasteners specify thicker materials and heavier bosses and outlets, lighter weight stud welded members reduce material costs as well as the amount of welding and machining required.

However, Production Fastening System, LLC’s Pro-Weld ARC-656M (modified) stud welder optimizes the processes of arc stud welding in new and improved ways.

  • PFS’s refined ARC-656M model is equipped with dual handles that facilitate increased mobility for two welders or even a single welder, shaving wasted time and energy from the process.
  • Whereas the factory model ARC-656 employs a continuous duty fan, the modified power supply is outfitted with an on-demand cooling fan, improving the energy efficiency of the model and therefore its cost
  • Simultaneously, the on-demand cooling fan reduces the infiltration of damaging debris, extending the life and reducing the lifetime cost of the unit.
  • The ARC-656M’s 50 ft. extension weld and control cable makes it easier and faster for welders to cover a larger distance without interruptions to the process.

The ARC-656M’s numerous innovative features will aid the metal fabrication industry as well as all of its beneficiaries in optimizing processes, helping the industrial sector reduce wasteful expenses and inefficiencies while improving productivity and profitability. Contact the experts at PFSNO to learn more about our innovative approach to arc stud welding.