Manufacturing companies that survived the recession have begun to lead the fabrication industry in post-recession America, and they all have one thing in common. They recognized the importance of identifying means to increase productivity, decrease wasteful budgets, and maintain high quality products.

Stud welding facilitates each of these by standardizing expedient fastening processes, and it has proven to be a consistently reliable fastening method. However, to assure high quality welds every time, it’s critical to take steps to mitigate the most common causes of stud welding failures.

Follow these steps to prevent common stud welding failures:

  • Use only high quality stud and base plate materials.
  • Adjust weld settings appropriately.
  • Ensure a minimum plate thickness of one-half the stud diameter as recommended by the pCI Design Handbook.
  • Thoroughly clean the weld area prior to welding, including the removal of weld splatter, weld berries, and ferrule pieces.
  • Keep ferrules dry to prevent damage to composition and potential for expulsion of molten metal via steam.
  • Regularly clean and inspect equipment to prevent malfunctioning, including cable and wiring connections and solid-state components.
  • Provide formal training for stud welding operators.
  • Conduct visual and physical inspection of finished welds to assure satisfactory weld quality.

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