Crimp Type Tapped Cable Hangers

In the world of electrical cable supports the crimp type cable hanger is used in many different applications. When the cables you’re working with are similar in diameter, and only one or two cables are installed, Production Fastening Systems (PFS) tapped cable hangers are ideal for the job. Our hangers can also accommodate up to 4 cables in our Four Stack type, otherwise known as “field goals.” The crimp type tapped cable hangers are durable and convenient-to-use cable supports, made to fasten to 3/8-16 diameter weld studs. They are quick and easy to install and are featured in both Stainless and Mild Steel. We are also happy to help choose the best crimp type cable hanger for your specific needs.

When installing a crimp type cable hanger the following seven steps will allow to secure your desired cable runs successfully.

  1. Determine the number of cables to be supported.
  2. Determine the diameter of cables.
  3. Select from PFS chart the correct diameter range to accept the desired cables.
  4. Weld a 3/8’’ Diameter arc stud to the work place.
  5. For alignment purposes, it may be necessary to fasten a 3/8″ hex nut to the stud prior to fastening the crimp hanger.
  6. Fasten the desired hanger onto the newly-welded stud.
  7. Install cable into hanger.
  8. Using channel lock pliers, locate two tines at the edge of the crimp type hanger and squeeze down to form tine over cable and lock.

Our tapped cable hangers have successfully completed shock testing by the U.S. Department Of The Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding Shock and Vibration (Test Report #6913-3-3650: approved).

PFS tapped cable hangers can always be interchanged to meet your exact requirements, whether you need to adjust for size or for number of cables.

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