Click Bond

For over seven years Production Fastening Systems has been a proud distributor of Click Bond and in that time we have seen hundreds of unique applications for this versatile product. At P.F.S. we pride ourselves on our ability to assist our customers in all of their fastening needs and Click Bond offers a solution to fastening when welding, drilling, tapping, or any other hot work is not an option. This saves our customers time, money, and plenty of headaches.

Click Bond fastening was originally created for use in the aerospace industry in 1987. In its infancy it was used for patch work on small planes and today can be found on commercial airliners, fighter jets, space shuttles and even the Mars rover. Over that time Click Bond expanded from a small family business to a major corporation employing nearly 500 people with global distribution and over 80 separate patents. Click Bond is constantly innovating and inventing to always be one step ahead in this constantly shifting technological world.

As distributors of Click Bond’s Marine and Industrial products we have seen firsthand how rigorous the process of engineering, testing, manufacturing, and certifying a Click Bond part is. This allows us to assure the end user that they are getting the absolute best quality in adhesive bonding on the market. We also provide detailed instruction on how to properly install parts to guarantee the highest rated strengths available. We also provide installation training upon request.

Click Bond fastening is ideal for fastening cables, wire runs, signage, electronics, hoses, tubing, and more. Once the Click Bond adhesive is fully cured the bond is nearly impenetrable, it stands up to the most corrosive elements in the harshest environments making it a perfect candidate for offshore use. The adhesive bonds to steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Click Bond is certified by The American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds Register, and RINA.