The latest version of the T-SEP Assembly, introduced in 2012, is the non-metallic version. It is designed to maintain a 3/16” separation within pneumatic tube delivery systems while significantly reducing the opportunity for crevice corrosion by avoiding metal-to-metal contact with the tubing.

Production Fastening Systems diligently considered the properties of all materials involved. Special attention was directed towards the non-metallic materials that would directly contact the tubing. What are these non-metallic materials and why were they chosen? There are two non-metallic materials used which make direct contact with the tubing: 

Acetron GP, used for the Delta Bar

The purpose of the Delta Bar is to clamp tubing in place. Acetron GP was selected as the material for PFS Delta Bar because it represents the most durable and resilient thermoplastic for pneumatic tubing. Acetron GP has excellent compressive strength, and a very low friction coefficient. This material also has no porosity, resistance to high temperatures, and is resilient to harsh environments. Acetron GP is a high density copolymer acetal and the only porosity-free acetal product manufactured today. The in-line manufacturing process and photometric quality procedure assures every Delta Bar is porosity-free and therefore non-hygroscopic.

Delrin 527UV, used for the Tube Spacers 

The PFS Tube Spacer is manufactured from Delrin 527UV. This medium viscosity black acetal homopolymer resin with UV stabilizers and thermal stability is an ideal option for separating pneumatic tubing. Because the spacer’s number one goal is to keep tubing aligned and separated, compression strength is less important than structural strength, shape memory, UV resistance, and flexibility. Delrin 527UV allows installers to install and remove tubing without serious risk of breaking spacer tines. This material has excellent shape memory and allows the spacers to flex back and forth while the installers conduct bends and positioning tasks common in the instrumentation installation process. 

The remaining elements of the T-SEP Assembly do not make direct contact with the tubing and consist of the top flat bar and hardware, and are all manufactured from stainless steel grade 316.