X-BT Tool KitX-BT Installation

  • Control diameter and depth of hole using special design step bit and X-BT 4000-A.
  • Make fastening with DX 351 BT powder actuated tool. The specially designed seal on the X-BT Stud completes the fastening process without damaging either side of the pre-painted surface.

The X-BT System

Simplify quality fastening to steel

Hilti is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, innovative and specialized tools and fastening systems for industries around the globe. Hilti tools are known for their exceptional quality-and the Hilti X-BT Fastening System is no exception.

Hilti’s X-BT System is a one-of-a-kind technology that makes it possible to fasten threaded studs to pre-painted steel without damaging the protective coating on either side of the base material. Designed to work on high-strength steels, as well as steels as thin as 8mm (5/16 in.), the X-BT System is ideal for use in environments in which corrosion often occurs-which is why it’s so well-suited to the offshore and shipbuilding industries.

With the X-BT System, Hilti has provided a highly effective . The X-BT threaded stud is made of grade 316 stainless steel and comes with an (optional) sealing washer, giving it long-lasting durability; and because the flat tip of the X-BT stud prevents through-penetration of the base material, reworking and recoating the base materials is rendered unnecessary, saving you time and money. In fact, using X-BT Hilti drills, tools, and accessories, a single user can set more than 100 studs in an hour, with no rework necessary.

The X-BT System supports a wide range of applications, including fastening grating, PFS ESL type slotted cable hangers and SLP type pneumatic tube supports, and more. PFS is proud to be able to offer the full X-BT installation kit to our customers, which includes a powder-actuated tool, a cordless drill, a cleaning kit, a rapid charger, two batteries, spray lube, and operating instructions-all together in one convenient, compact case.

To learn more about the specifications of the components included in the Hilti X-BT System kit, scroll down the page.


Item No. Description Qty
378236 X-BT Set (for 3/8″ W10X-BT Stud) 1
378237 X-BTG Set (for 8mm M8 X-BT Stud)
Includes: 1 DX 351 BT or BTG powered actuated tool, 1 BT cleaning kit, 1 X-BT 4000-A cordless drill, 1 rapid charger, 2 batteries (18v 3.0 Ah), 1 information sheet, 1 spray lube, 3 operating instruction, packed complete in a Hilti toolbox.

Hilti Thread Stud

X-BT Stainless Steel Thread Studs

Item No. Description Thread Dia. Thread Len. Qty
377074* X-BT M8-15-6 SN12-R 8mm 15mm 100
377076* X-BT W10-24-6 SN12-R 3/8″ 24mm 100
377078* X-BT M10-24-6 SN12-R 10mm 24mm 100
Includes: 100 studs, 1 power regulation guide, 1
coating protector
*also available without sealing washer

Hilti Drill Bit 1


Item No. Description Qty
412689 6.8/11M “high precision” brown cartridge 100

Hilti Drill Bit 2


Item No. Description Qty
377079 Step Drill Bit TX-BT 4/7-80 10
377080 Step Drill Bit TX-BT 4/7-100 10
377082 X-351 BT CP Coating Protector 10
377088 Power Regulation Guide for M8-15 Studs 1
377089 Power Regulation Guide for M10-24 or W10-24 Studs 1
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