About Us

PFS Management Team

Production Fastening Systems’ Team

Gerry Keller (since 1987)

Ronnie Pitre (since 1993)
Inside Sales/ Warehouse Operations/ Rental Fleet Management

Dennis Koenig (since 1996)
Equipment Technician/ Field Service

Jonah Keller (since 2004)
Outside Sales/ New Account Management/ Accounts Payable & Receivable

Jacob Keller (since 2008)
Accounts Payable & Receivable/ Website Management/ T-SEP Sales Representative

Jordan Keller (since 2011)
Outside Sales/ Click Bond Sales Representative

Jonathan Keller (since 2015)
Outside Sales/ Inventory Management/ Product Research & Development

Company History

Founded in 1987, Production Fastening Systems (PFS) has become a well-established stud welding distributor that has now been serving the offshore, shipbuilding, and steel fabrication industries for more than 25 years. In addition to the superior quality stud welding equipment and materials we distribute arc stud and capacitor discharge stud welders, tube separation assemblies, weld studs, cable hangers, and more PFS is a leader in new technologies within our industry. Over the years, we have introduced several new and revolutionary products: pneumatic tube supports (PFS SLP-type); pneumatic channel brackets (PTCB); grating fasteners; and the PFS slotted cable hanger, our best-selling product, which has enjoyed a “zero rejection” reputation since 1991. Today, these metal fastening products are specified and used by the offshore fabrication, shipbuilding, and steel fabrication industries all over the world.


Though the quality of our stud welding equipment and metal fastening products is unparalleled, it is the quality of our service that truly sets us apart from competitors. Your experience with PFS does not end with a product order. Performance of our stud welding equipment is critical to our customers’ operations. That is why our skilled, factory-certified technicians armed with more than 20 years of field stud welding experience are always available to provide our customers with on-site equipment training, and that is why we are always happy to fill custom orders, meeting our clients’ specifications time and time again.