Crimp Type Cable Hangers

Crimp Type Cable hangers

When the cables you’re working with are similar in diameter, and only one or two cables are installed, PFS’s tapped cable hangers are ideal for the job. Our tapped cable hangers are durable and convenient-to-use cable supports, made to fasten to 3/8-16 studs.

At PFS, we make a number of slotted cable hanger types available to our customers: “crimp”-type, “slotted”-type, “plate”-type, and “tubular”-type. The alloys utilized in the manufacturing of all of our slotted cable hangers include grade 316 stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel, and PVC (used for coating). Our hangers can support cables with diameters between .305 in. and 1.224 in., and can accommodate anywhere from one to eight cables.

Regardless of the type of PFS tapped cable hanger you use—whether it’s a crimp, slotted, plate, or tubular hanger—you can fasten it in three easy steps: 1) weld a standard 3/8-in. diameter stud to the overhead deck or to a bulkhead; 2) spin the desired hanger onto the newly-welded stud; and 3) secure the cable (or cables). Depending on the type of tapped cable hanger you use, securing the cables can be achieved either by crimping the hanger or by banding it.

Our tapped cable hangers have successfully completed shock testing by the U.S. Department Of The Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding Shock and Vibration (Test Report #6913-3-3650: approved).

PFS tapped cable hangers can always be interchanged to meet your exact requirements, whether you need to adjust for size or for number of cables. Scroll down to browse our tapped cable hanger selection and find the one that matches your needs.

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