Sheet metal stud welded with weld studs

Weld Studs

Production Fastening Systems provides superior quality ARC and CD weld studs for large industrial projects. Arc stud welding is popular because of what it offers: the ability to quickly and efficiently join a metal stud to one side of a metal work piece without marring the other side. Dependability and ease have made stud welding one of the most utilized methods of  fastening on offshore platforms and shipyards across the globe. CD (capacitor discharge) stud welders utilize a capacitor storage system to produce a rapid electrical discharge, resulting in fast, high-integrity welds, even on thin-gauge materials. In contrast to arc welds, CD welds do not require ceramic ferrules or gas. The direct-current arc creates a shorter weld time, renders oxidation and heat concentration provided by ferrules and fluxes unnecessary.

Weld Studs and Stud Welding Equipment

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