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In keeping with our mission to provide our customers with only top-quality stud welding equipment, PFS recently partnered with HBS – a company whose name within the offshore, shipbuilding, and steel fabrication industries is synonymous with excellence. We are proud to now be able to offer our customers* an even greater variety of state-of-the-art stud welding guns.

Some of the HBS products PFS is now authorized to supply include HBS’s arc stud welding guns (especially suited for welding on thicker sheet metal of 2 mm (0.08 in.) and above), which offer universal use with a large welding range, as well as precise work at high welding rates. These guns offer impeccable quality and excellent repeat accuracy, and are well-suited to welding thick metal sheets (2mm and upward). Other features include:

  • Multi-position piston damping and lift damper for optimum reproducibility of the very high welding quality
  • Spirit level for vertical positioning relative to the component
  • Production-proven mechanics
  • Low heating due to external welding current cable, resulting in very high welding rates
  • Screwable cover caps on lift adjustment and piston damping protect against contamination, making the devices extremely robust for work under the most challenging conditions

HBS also boasts a quality selection of capacitor discharge stud welding guns, which are especially suited for welding on thin sheet metal (min. 0.5 mm/ 0.02 in.). Each HBS CD stud welder is made of impact-resistant plastic, and is compact and light to allow for optimal maneuverability within tight spaces.

The ergonomic design, high weld rate, and low weight of HBS’s stud welding guns ensure fast, safe and fatigue-free work. For more information on the various HBS stud welders available through PFS, scroll down.

*HBS stud welding equipment is available through PFS only for customers in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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