Click Bond

Production Fastening Systems offers Click Bond adhesive bonded fasteners to further diversify our fastening product line.

Click Bond offers an alternative option where hot work and welding is prohibited, where paint, galvanized surfaces, aluminum and plate thickness present direct fastening challenges.

Click Bond fasteners are available in 300 series cres, carbon steel, zinc plate and aluminum. Click Bond fasteners can accept loads from 25 Lbs. tension and shear to 6000 Lbs. tension and 9000 Lbs. shear. Several products including threaded studs and tapped standoffs are approved by ABS.

Adhesives are available to match the fastening requirements specified. Service temperatures range from -40°F to 250°F. Click Bond has excellent environmental and water resistance. Adhesives achieve full strength in 24 hours, however, handling strength typically reached in 15 –30 minutes depending on ambient temperature.

PFS Supplies Repair Kits as a Great On-Site Utility



Whether repairing or establishing new installations, the Click Bond quick fastening utility kit provides the essential elements to complete an installation. Great for supporting light fixtures, electrical panels, cables, furniture, junction boxes, cameras, etc

  • No hot-work permit necessary
  • No power required
  • Fast application
  • Stability to withstand the harsh offshore environment

The Standard Click Bond Repair Kit contains the following but can also be customized to your liking:

Standard Kit Contents

QTY Part # Description
16 CS125-1420-16CRMP 1/4-20×1” Stud with 1.25”  Base
16 CN125-1420-16CRMP 1/4-20×1” Stand-Off with 1.25” Base
16 CS125-1032-16CRMP 10-32×1” Stud with 1.25” Base
16 CN125-1032-16CRMP 10-32×1” Stand-Off with 1.25” Base
16 CS200-3816-16CRMP 3/8-16×1” Stud with 2” Base
16 CS200-3816-32CRMP 3/8-16×2” Stud with 2” Base
16 CM920VG5 Cable Tie anchor mount
16 CM319CRM3VP Cable Tie mount with swivel
16 CM905VGP Strap Loop Fastener Mount
3 CB420-50 Structural Adhesive
12 CB106 Adhesive Mixing Tips
12 CB911 Surface Cleaning Solvent Wipes
1 CB100-81 Manual Adhesive Dispenser

When Hot Work Isn’t an Option

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