Slotted Cable Hangers (ESL)

slotted cable hangers

Production Fastening Systems introduced slotted cable hangers in 1991 as a way to support a wide range of cables of varying diameters. Our cable hangers can support up to eight cables each, and their practical design makes moving individual cables as needed—without neighboring cables becoming tangled or bunched—hassle-free.

Easily fastened to 3/8-16 welded studs, every Production Fastening System’s slotted cable hanger is manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel or plated with zinc to provide extra protection against corrosive elements. Because they can be effortlessly adapted to the job at hand, our cable hangers can be installed on almost any structural member in any industry.

Production Fastening System offers ESL-type (for electrical cable) and SLP-type (for pneumatic cable) slotted cable hangers, as well as “crimp”-type tapped cable hangers. All three of these cable hanger types are available with M-10 tapped metric studs, which means that, in addition to other stud types, your cable hangers can be fastened to M-10 male-threaded studs.

Our slotted cable hangers have successfully completed shock testing by the U.S. Department Of The Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding Shock and Vibration (Test Report #6913-3-3650: approved).

PFS’s slotted cable hangers are equipped to meet all of your steel fabrication, offshore, and shipboard cable needs. To view a photo of our cable hangers at work, you can click on the “See it in Action” button to the lower right.

*When ordering our cable hangers, please specify metric by placing an “M” after part number of cable hanger request (Example: P15002-ESL2 M).



Prod Id Turning Radius Alloy Max No Of Slots Weight per 100 pcs
ESL-2* 1 7/8″ SS-316 or Zinc Plated 1 9 lbs
ESL-3* 2″ SS-316 or Zinc Plated 2 13 lbs
ESL-4* 2 1/2″ SS-316 or Zinc Plated 3 16 lbs
ESL-6* 3 3/4″ SS-316 or Zinc Plated 5 22 lbs
ESL-8* 5″ SS-316 or Zinc Plated 7 28 lbs

ESL Slotted Cable Hanger in Action


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