Multi-Option Hangers (ESLP)

Multi Option hangers tray
Multi option hangers tubing

PFS offers the ESLP multi-option type hanger, which combines the versatility of the “ESL” type electrical slotted cable hanger (PFS Introduced in 1991) and the “SLP” type horizontal slotted pneumatic tube support (PFS Introduced in 1991) on the same device. The ESLP allows ease of installation, which fastens to the 3/8 – 16 weld stud, the 3/8 – 16 Hilti X-BT stud, or any other fastener that will accept the female tapped 3/8 – 16 diameter ferrule located at the center of the support. Whether mounting tubing, cable, tray, or the T-SEP Assembly, the ESLP serves as an excellent versatile option. Turn radius for the ESLP is identical to the ESL and SLP type. The ESLP is available in 2″: (ESLP-2), 3″: (ESLP-3), 4″: (ESLP-4), and 6″: (ESLP-6) lengths.

  • The ESLP-2 consists of one vertical slot with 2″ of workspace for electrical cable and two horizontal slots offering 1.62″ from end to end work space for tubing.
  • The ESLP-3 consists of two vertical slot with 3″ of workspace for electrical cable and three horizontal slots offering 2.62″ from end to end work space for tubing.
  • The ESLP-4 consists of three vertical slot with 4″ of workspace for electrical cable and four horizontal slots offering 3.62″ from end to end work space for tubing.

The ESLP-6 consists of five vertical slot with 6″ of workspace for electrical cable and six horizontal slots offering 5.62″ from end to end work space for tubing.

Prod Id Turning Radius Alloy Weight per 100 pcs
ESLP-2 1 7/8″ SS-316 9 lbs
ESLP-3 2″ SS-316 13 lbs
ESLP-4 2 1/2″ SS-316 16 lbs
ESLP-6 3 3/4″ SS-316 22 lbs


Pneumatic Tube Support

Blog post about ESLP Multi-Option Hangers

The ESLP Multi Option Hanger serves as a great solution for projects where hangers are to be stocked in bulk and pulled for both electrical and instrumentation purposes, however, PFS does supply more cost efficient solutions or “CES” when the purpose of the hanger is predetermined. Please see the below applications where the ESLP is utilized. A cost-efficient alternative is supplied with each scenario:

As a Cable Hanger

CES = The ESL Slotted Cable Hanger 

Multi option hangers tubing

As a Tray Support

CES = The SLP Pneumatic Tube Support 

As a Stud Mounting Platform for the T-SEP Assembly

  CES= The SLP Pneumatic Tube Support

Multi option hangers tubing

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