PTCB Ladder Tray Side Wall T-SEP Installation


Install Instructions

  • Attach the lower PTCB base to the tray side wall and remove the protective tape backing.
  • Carefully align and attach the upper PTCB base (tube alignment section attached) with lower alignment section, making sure the hardware access slots are clear and synchronized and press together.

Note: Once alignment section is taped in place, movement is VERY difficult.









  • Tubes can be snapped into place.

  • Once tubes are in place, the “Top Retainer” can be fastened into place with hardware








  • Completed install should resemble an hour glass. Always tighten by hand and avoid using a torque wrench. Over-tightening can result in incorrect retainer alignment. Adjustments can be made through loosening hardware to attain proper tube alignment which is critical for utilizing entire T-SEP capacity. Misalignment can result in spacer tines impeding on adjacent tube run access area