Pneumatic Tube Supports: Tray Mount (PTCB)

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PTCB 6000 diagram
Pneumonic tube supports

In addition to our stud mount pneumatic pipe supports and hangers, PFS introduced the pneumatic tube channel brackets in 1993 as a tray type mount for pneumatic tube supports. Simple to install, these tube supports will get the job done where stud mount supports won’t.

Available in grade 316 stainless steel or aluminum, according to your preference, PFS’s tray mount supports allow for pneumatic tube systems to use cable tray walls for support. Our PTCB-type tray mount pneumatic tube supports work by fastening mechanically to the outer wall of trays; they are compatible with both B-Line aluminum cable trays and fiberglass channel trays. Both the B-Line-compatible tray mount and the fiberglass-compatible mounts can be used with standard tubing line clamps.

Because our tray mounts are designed for easy installation, the only hardware needed to fasten them is a 1/4-20 SS316 hex head bolt, a 1/4-20 SS316 flat washer, and a nylon insert lock nut. These pieces of hardware are included with every PFS tray mount tube support order.

PFS’s tray mount pneumatic tube supports are:

  • Quick and simple to install (supports fasten easily onto cable trays)
  • Made of corrosion-resistant grade 316 stainless steel (or aluminum, if preferred)
  • Available in two sizes (B-Line: 4 in. and 6 in.; fiberglass: 6 in. and 8 in.)

Our customers in the shipbuilding, offshore platform, and steel fabrication industries depend upon their pneumatic tubing, which is why we provide the most reliable, functional tray mount designs possible-in the most corrosion-resistant materials available. To view a photo of PFS’s tray mount pneumatic tube supports at work, you can click on the “See it in Action” button to the lower right.

Manufactured from 14GA. SS316 grade stainless steel, and now available in aluminum.

Hardware Assembly:

(1) 1/4-20 SS316 Hex Head Bolt

(1) 1/4-20 SS316 Flat Washer

(1) 1/4-20 SS316 Nylon Insert Lock Nut

For “B-Line” Aluminum Cable Tray

4″ Tray Part #PTCB-4000

PTCB 4000

6″ Tray Part #PTCB-6000 (for SS316)             or             PTCB-6000A (Aluminum)
PTCB 6000ptcb 6000A

For Fiberglass Cable Tray:

6″ Tray Part #PTCB-6000F

PTCB 6000F

8″ Tray Part #PTCB-8000F

Assembling the PFS PTCB-6000 Pneumatic Tube Channel Brackets


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