Welcome to Production Fastening Systems’ online products catalog. We have offered the highest-quality stud welding products on the market for more than 25 years, including arc weld studs, slotted cable hangers, arc welderscapacitor discharge welders, grating fasteners, stud welding accessories (such as adjustable chucks, ferrule grips, collets, and foot pieces), and more!

Standard Thread Arc Weld Studs

Arc Weld Studs

Flanged CD Weld Studs

CD Weld Studs

Click Bond Adhesive Bonded Fasteners

Click Bond Fasteners

T-SEP Assembly

Slotted Cable Hangers

Slotted Cable Hangers (ESL)

Pneumatic Tube Supports Stud Mount

Pneumatic Tube Supports: Stud Mount (SLP) 

E and I Cable Hanger

Multi-Option Hanger (ESLP)

Tapped Cable Hangers Crimp Single

“Crimp Type” Cable Hangers

Grating Fasteners G Clips

Grating Fasteners


Stud Welding Equipment

Stud Welding Accessories

Stud Welding Accessories

Pneumatic Tube Supports: Tray Mount (PTCB)

Pneumatic Tube Supports Accessories Line Clamps

Pneumatic Tube Support: Accessories

Tone Shear Wrenches

Main Wireway Shipboard Coaxial Cable Saddles

Main Wireway (Shipboard)

Capacitor Discharge CD Weld Pins
Insulation Products

High Quality Welding and Fastening Products

PFS is proud to have introduced a number of original top-of-the-line stud welding products over the course of many years in business—products that are now being specified and used by offshore platform builders, shipbuilding industries, and steel fabrication industries around the globe.  These products include ESL- and SLP-type slotted cable and pneumatic tube hangers (introduced in 1991); PTCB pneumatic tube channel brackets (introduced in 1996 to eliminate the need for extra tube support by allowing for tubing installation on the outer edge of cable tray systems); the T-SEP pneumatic tube separation assembly (introduced in 2010 to allow tubes to be separated while minimizing contact with the separation device); and several other items for grating support, such as  instrumentation stand mounting assemblies, used in lieu of “J” bolts as grating fasteners.

To view any of PFS’s first-class products, simply click on one of the categories in the left-hand menu on this page, or click on one of the images in the picture menu below—or, if you prefer, you can download a full electronic PDF of our product catalog.  You may also request a quote at any time by simply clicking the “Request A Quote” button at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Having trouble finding a particular stud welding product—or you have specific stud weld requirements? PFS also fills custom orders—feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our very best to assist you.

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