Anyone who works within the shipbuilding, offshore platform, or steel fabrication industries knows that stud welding accessories are an integral part of the stud welding process. At PFS, we know that without proper accessories, the proper installation of a weld stud is impossible to achieve. Our stud welding products will help ensure that the welds you make produce a clean, even fillet every time.

Arc Stud Chucks

Arc Stud Accessories

CD Stud Accessories

Some of the welding accessories most crucial for success that PFS carries include:

  • Chucks (standard adjustable and more): For holding the weld stud in place during the welding process.
  • Ferrule grips (.440 through 3/8): These hold the ferrule in place during the weld sequence, containing sparks, heat, and molten metal in the weld zone while keeping gases and impurities out.
  • Legs (1/4 through 1 1/4): Adjustable pieces upon which the feet are mounted.
  • Feet: This stud welding component is attached to the legs and holds the ferrule grip. Together with the legs and grips, the feet help to determine the plunge of the weld so that incomplete fillet formation or excessive splatter never occurs.
  • Adaptors: Hold the chuck and connect it to the internal lifting mechanisms (allowing the weld current to flow into the stud).

In addition to the welding accessories listed above, PFS also offers 10 GA through 1 1/4 in. B collets, weld cable connectors, weld pins, weld studs, spark shields, and more. Our complete line of stud welding accessories is fully equipped with any and every product necessary for both arc stud and capacitor discharge welding. We also carry parts to repair most brands of stud welding equipment; our repair services are available at our facility, and we are more than willing to visit job sites to make repairs.