The ESLP Multi Option Hanger serves as a great solution for projects where hangers are to be stocked in bulk and pulled for both electrical and instrumentation purposes. Because the ESLP has both vertical slots for electrical and horizontal slots for pneumatic, the hanger can be treated as a versatile stock item

The ESLP Multi-Option Hanger was born out of pre-existing designs of the Production Fastening Systems “ESL”- Electrical Slotted Cable Hangers and the “SLP”- Pneumatic Tube Supports which were introduced in 1991. PFS offers the hybrid Multi-Option Electrical and Instrumentation Hanger in the form of our ESLP, but continues to provide our ESL’s and SLP’s as a more cost efficient solution when the hangers’ purpose is determined prior to purchase.

Our slotted cable hangers- ESL’s are made to support a wide range of cables of varying diameters. Our cable hangers can support up to eight cables each, and their practical design makes moving individual cables as needed—without neighboring cables becoming tangled or bunched—hassle-free.

Our ESL’s and SLP’s have successfully completed shock testing by the U.S. Department of The Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding Shock and Vibration (Test Report #6913-3-3650:

In shipbuilding, offshore platform, and steel fabrication projects, maintaining pneumatic tubing is essential to the work at hand. At PFS, we offer easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant stud mount pneumatic tube supports to ensure that your tubing systems are protected at all times.

Our SLP tapped tube supports fasten to 3/8-16 studs and can support pneumatic tubing sized 1/4 in. through 3/4 in. PFS’s SLP-type stud mount pneumatic tube supports are manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, and are used with standard line clamps, resulting in a durable, convenient tube support method.

PFS’s stud mounted ESL’s, SLP’s, and ESLP’s are:

  • Quick and simple to install (supports fasten easily onto welded studs)
  • Made of corrosion-resistant grade 316 stainless steel (other alloys also available)
  • Adjustable (to allow increase or decrease in number of tubing runs)
  • Mounted to 3/8 in. diameter studs (to allow for standardization of electrical and pneumatic weld stud supports)
  • Designed to prevent rust from accumulating (the studs allow for the tubing to stand off the base material to prevent corrosion)