Inverted T Trapeze Hanger

The Inverted “T” & Trapeze type system offers a combination of weight reduction, speedy installation, simplicity, versatility, and monetary savings to an industry concerned with ways of reducing ship construction costs. As testimony to the above claims this system is currently being used for supporting main cable runs aboard many navy and commercial marine vessels.

The Inverted “T” & Trapeze type system conforms to the test arrangment criteria of Navships DWG.9000-S6202-73980, section 1, sheet G and has been successfully tested to MIL-S-901C (grade A shock), and MIL-STD-167, TY.1 (vibration).

The Inverted “T” & Trapeze type system is manufactured in complete accordance with the detail specifications outlined in Navships DWG.9000-S6202-73980, section 2, sheets 223, 224, & 225, with all banding slots in the cross tier having complete compatibility for use with the standard banding method
or “Snaplock” cable clamp.

  • All hanger components are available in high weldable grade steel, stainless steel & aluminum with finish to customers specifications.
  • All hangers can be supplied pre-assembled to the customer’s exact loading and stacking requirements or unassembled
  • All hanger components can be assembled into one (1) to five (5) tier configurations (“T” or “Trapeze”) utilizing standard 3/8 – 16 hardware (hex bolt, nut & lock washer), allowing increments of adjustment between the cross-tiers of one (1″) inch over the full length of the channel or angle leg support.
  • The cross-tier is completely interchangeable and can be used for either the “T” or “Trapeze” style assembly.

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