Triple Crimp

Prod Id Cable Dia Weight per 100 pcs
1170 .531 7 lbs
1171 .325 to .371 7 lbs

How To Install PFS Tapped Crimp Type Cable Hangers:

Easy and quick to install, PFS crimp type cable hangers support single up to four cable installations. Crimp type cable hangers fasten to 3/8 – 16 weld studs or metric M-10 diameter studs which are available upon request.

After weld is installed:

  1. Determine number of cables to be supported.
  2. Determine diameter of cables.
  3. Select from PFS chart the correct diameter range to accept desired cable.
  4. Install cable into hanger.
  5. Using channel lock pliers, locate two tines at the edge of the crimp type hanger and squeeze down to form tine over cable and lock.

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