hbs ci 03

HBS-CI-03 Stud Welding Gun (for insulation)

CD stud welding according to current standards.


  • Especially suitable for thin sheets (at least 0.5 mm)
  • ISO – especially suitable for welding on cupped head pins (for fixing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning mats – HVAC)
  • Especially suitable for insulation mats with and without an aluminum cover. The cupped head pin has a special tip that
    permits particularly easy penetration of the insulation materials. Variably adjustable spring pressure allows the stud
    welding gun to be optimally adjusted to a wide range of material densities
  • The fixing method with cupped head pins replaces the complex procedure: weld on pin – press mat over pin – affix clip – pinch off or bend over projecting tip

Process variants

  • Contact welding

Technical Data

Welding range Cupped head pins dia. 14 ga/12 ga (dia. 2/2.7 mm)
Pin length 0.37″ to 6.00″ (9.5 to 152.4 mm)
Pin material Mild steel, stainless steel
Pin type Cupped head pins
Spring pressure Adjustable, arresting
Welding cable 32.81′ (10 m)
Insulation class IP 20
Workplace noise level > 90 dB (A) may occur during welding
Operational and storage conditions According to current standards
Dimension L x W x H 6.89″ x 1.97″ x 5.71″ (175 x 50 x 145 mm) without cable and tripod
Weight 1.54 lbs (0.7 kg) without cable and tripod
Order No. 92-20-254



  • Rigid casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Torsion-resistant basic shell (casing) to accommodate all function elements (e.g. ball bearing guide) and accessories (e.g. foot ring)
  • Zero-play ball linear bearing for guiding the welding piston
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact dimensions
  • Mechanical structure tested in production


  • Lock-in spring adjustment
  • High level of security to prevent the selected settings from being changed inadvertently
  • Guidance system protected against spatters


  • Individual adjustment options for optimum welding results
  • Optimum handling and fatigue-free operation
  • Optimum operation also at places that are difficult to access
  • Welding on painted sheets is possible (clean, smooth, and flat surfaces and grounding required)
  • No damage to the reverse of thin zinc-plated sheets when complying with specified welding parameters, particularly in
    the case of cupped head pins with 2 mm diameter (zinc and corrosion protection on the reverse is retained)
  • Low energy expenditure
  • Very fast fixing: Press the cupped head pin through the mat, welding in 3 milliseconds
  • Low power input for pins with dia. 2 mm diameter


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