General Information

  • Other working radius and carrier weight on request

Technical Data

Working Radius 5.41′ (1.65 m) to access any position on the workpiece without difficult shifting or repositioning
Carrier Weight Max. 13.23 lbs (6 kg) to carry and to balance the stud welding gun weight
Order No. 92-40-142 for C 08/CA 0892-40-140 for PAH-1



  • A rectangular seating of the stud welding gun reduces the scrap rate when welding with tip ignition
  • Strength-saving working without getting tired
  • Wide working range, large reach
  • High process reliability
  • Constantly good welding results


  • Parallel displacement for vertical positioning of the stud welding gun
  • Smooth-running guidance without jerks
  • Freely movable arm
  • Fixation of the welding cable
  • Easy fastening to the welding table
  • Integrated seat of the stud welding gun
  • Leight weight construction

Suitable stud welding guns

  • Manual stud welding guns C 08/CA 08
  • Automatic stud welding gun PAH-1


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