Pro-Weld ARC-1850 Stud Welder

pro-weld arc-1850

ARC-1850 Stud Welder

  • Designed and built in U.S.A.
  • Constant current output
  • Single or dual gun systems
  • Independent gun controls
  • Precise weld time and weld current adjustments
  • Digital display of actual weld time and weld current
  • Diagnostic L.E.D.’s
  • State-of-the-art gun control circuitry
  • Built-in chuck saver
  • Auto-safety shutdown

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ARC-1850 is a compact and portable stud welding power supply capable of welding studs thru 7/8″ diameter weld base. The power supply, which operates on three-phase power, has the added feature of weld current regulation that improves stud welding consistency. Both the weld time and weld current are infinitely adjustable for preciseness and repeatability.

A specially designed electronic gun control circuit has been incorporated to increase overall reliability. If a fault condition occurs due to a shorted gun solenoid or a faulty control cable, the circuit will prevent gun retriggering and eliminate damage to printed circuit boards.

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Description Part No.
System, Dual 100-210D 1850
System, Single 100-210S 1850
Ground Cable 25′ x 4/0 125-0104 1850
Combo Cable 50′ x 4/0 125-1002 1850
Power Supply, Single 200-0022 1850
Power Supply, Dual 200-0023 1850
Weld Gun 300-0600 1850


Dimensions 26″ H x 24″ W x 33″ D
Output 1850 Amps @ 45 VDC
Weight 500 lbs
Duty Cycle 12 GA-5/8 Unlimited
3/4 10/Min, 7/8 4/Min
Input 230/460/575 VAC
3 Phase 60HZ
Fusing 200/100/90 Delay Type
Time Control Stepless Adjustable
.1-1.6 sec
Current Control Stepless Adjustable
100-1900 Amps


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