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SureShot Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder

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SureShot Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder

SureShot Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welder


  • Indicator Lights (5)
  • Resettable Breaker
  • Fan Thermal Switch
  • Safety Shutdowns
  • 7 Segment Voltage/Message Display

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SureShot will change your concept of pin welding, be it cupheads, weld pins or even weld studs. The new technology it introduces includes an advanced microprocessor circuitry with embedded software.

  • cuts weight (the unit is a mere 10.5 lbs)
  • speeds application (rated at 24 welds per minute)
  • endures extremes (performance tested from -4° F to +105° F)
  • increases safety (it’s ground fault interruption protected)
  • and withstands use and abuse (the high-impact case is virtually indestructible).

Hand-held or slung over your shoulder, SureShot gets the job done faster, more reliably, using less labor. You’ll believe that “smaller is better” once you get your hands on SureShot.

Printable Spec Sheet

Commercial Insulation

Power and Process

SureShot CD Stud WelderIn your shop or at a job site, over your shoulder or in your hands, SureShot is portable and very flexible. From ducts to flatwork, cup heads to weld pins, SureShot welds pins of all types. SureShot CD Stud Welder - AdvertisementToday’s power plants, refineries, and other industrial sites demand application portability and capability. SureShot delivers on all fronts, in all uses, with microprocessor controlled accuracy.

Industrial Insulation

Marine and Shipyard

SureShot CD Stud Welder - Industrial InsulationUltra light and ultra strong, SureShot delivers for you. Its size makes getting it to the job easy, and its power and speed are equal to the toughest task. For all pin or stud needs, SureShot is at home. SureShot CD Stud Welder - Marine and ShipyardSureShot is tailor made for onshore and offshore uses. Its rugged design, moisture resistant parts and non corrosive case easily satisfy this growing market’s pin welding requirements.


Electrical Specifications


Incoming Outgoing
Voltage 115 VAC 40 – 150 VAC
Current 15 Amp 3,000 – 9,000 Amp
Hertz 60 DC
Capacitance 66,000 µf


Capacity Specifications


Charge Time < 3 seconds to maximum charge>
Duty Cycle 24 welds/minute at maximum voltage
Mode – Capacitor Discharge Contact & Cuphead


Weld Gun


Weight 1.6 lbs. (.73 kg) (not including cable)
Size (LWH) 4 7/8″x 2″x 5 3/4″ (123.8mmx50.8mmx146.1mm)
Weldable Diameter 14 Ga. thru 1/4″ (M6) Dia. Weld Base
Material High strength, impact resistant polycarbonate




Ground Cable #4 x 15 ft. (4.6m) one each
Gun Extension Set #4 x 18/2 x 35 ft. (10.7m) direct to gun