GM 1/2 Stand Mounting Bracket


Link to Printable Data Sheet (pdf)

G-Clip Model GM-1/2″ is a galvanized, carbon steel or stainless steel fastener used to fasten lightweight
devices to bar grating. Replaces J-Bolts. Withstands 1,000 pounds direct upward full force with no distortion.
G-Clip Model GM-1/2″ consist of three parts, which are assembled at the factory into a complete installation
unit, packed twenty-five pieces to a standard box.
Principal part is the lower body assembly, a specifically stamped wing assembly which holds captive a 1/2″ NC nut.
The lower body contacts the underside of the grating panel. The second part is the stamped top, which fit over
the grating upper surface. The body and top are joined by a 1/2″ NC threaded stud 3″ in length.
Usage limitations:

These devices are intended for use in mounting instrumentation stands. Instrument mounting stands typically have
a square plate intended to bolt to a surface having four holes that fit over 1/2″ diameter studs. Install four
assemblies of model GM-1/2″ at suitable space intervals to allow the plate to be fitted over the units. Unit
withstands 1,000 pounds direct upward pull force without distortion.