Saddle Clips for Galvanized Steel Grating

Saddle Clips for Galvanized Steel Grating
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These clips can be used to fasten steel grating to structural member. To install, use 1/4-20 welded stud which may be welded through grating in place. To properly determine
stud length, use grating heights (for example, 1″ grating would require 1/4-20 X 1″ weld stud). This stud will reduce to 7/8″ after weld to allow stud to finish below grating
height and allow for 1/4-20 hex nut to be installed.

Part No.
Galvanized Steel Saddle Clip #GSC-1
Stainless Steel Saddle Clip #SSC-01

Weld Stud Specified For Installation Of Saddle Clip

Standard Thread Arc Weld Stud
D Min L Bd Min Bl Fd Fh
1/4 3/4 .215 .375 .312 .093