J Hook

J hook PFS


Size D L
10GA .135 As Required
Application This is the standard insulation fastener used to secure insulation to wire road mesh.
Washers Self-locking washers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.
Low Carbon Steel
C 0.23% max.
Mn 0.90% max.
P 0.04% max.
S 0.05% max.
Tensile 60,000 psi (min.)
Yield 50,000 psi (min.)
Elong 20% (in 2 inches)
Plating Copper coating is standard
Stainless Steel
Mat Note AISI grade – 302/304/305 std. Other grades available upon request.
Plating Does not apply to Stainless.
Mech Note Values for various grades available upon request.
Annealing Can be annealed if required.


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