Shear Connector

shear connector arc weld stud

Shear Connectors are available for welding to flat surfaces, inside angles, outside angles, and “thru deck”. Each of these applications requires the proper style stud and ferrule, so please specify your application when ordering studs.

D Min L Hd Ht Ferrule Id
3/4 1-1/2 1-1/4 3/8 F0750
7/8 1-3/8 1/-3/8 3/8 F0875
Low Carbon Steel
Mat Note AISI C1015, C1018, or C1020
Tensile 60,000 psi (min.)
Yield 50,000 psi (min.)
Elong 20% (min.)
Reduction Of Area 50% (min.)


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