Wire Tie Down Studs

wire tie down cd weld studs
Wire Tie Down Studs, designed specifically for quick and rugged wire security, holds wire bundles up to 1″ in diameter and can be neatly welded into place within milliseconds providing a permanent, worry-free wire maintenance system.

Image’s design engineers created the Wire Tie Down Stud as an aesthetic and reliable alternative to traditional screw and adhesive fasteners. Because Wire Tie Down Studs are stud welded into place, eliminating the need for drilling holes, they provide a secure installation that will not break, loosen, or weaken over time. With a pull off that exceeds the capability of a typical 3/16″ nylon strap, wire tie down studs are ideally suited for any wire assembly need from heavy duty construction equipment to wire management in industrial control boxes and telephone junction boxes.

The stud is a capacitive discharge (CD) weld stud. This means that the stud is installed with traditional CD stud welding equipment. The stud is equivalent to a U.S. #10 fastener. The wire tie stud is compatible with any CD welder capable of welding a #10 stainless steel fastener.


These saddle-style cable mounts use the Capacitive Discharge (CD) process for installation. This makes it an excellent choice for thin gauge sheet metal application. The extension is inserted into the weld tool. The cable mount is positioned against the work. The trigger is pulled and 10 milliseconds later, the cable mount is permanently welded in place.

Because this is a single-sided process, it does not leave any unsightly screw threads exposed. Also, because it is welded in place, it cannot come loose due to thermal/humidity cycling. These means it will out-perform adhesive cable mounts every time.

  1. Insert the stud extension into the welding gun chuck.
  2. Position the tie down against the work and pull the welding gun trigger.
  3. Remove the gun from the tie down.
  4. Break off the extension with a pair of pliers.

NOTE: The retainer finishes below the surface of the nylon for a smooth, non abrasive surface.

Printable Specsheet

CD Weld Stud Tensile/Torque Chart

Thermal Linear ExpansionD696DAMin/in/°FTBD

Property ASTM Method Test Condition Units Nylon 6/6
Tensile Strength D638 +73°F;50%RH kpsi 11.2
Elongation at Break D638 +73°F;50%RH % >=300
Yield Strength D639 +73°F;50%RH kpsi 8.5
Shear Strength D732 DryasMolded(DAM) kpsi 9.6
Deformation Under Load D621 2,000psi;+122°F;DAM % 1.4
IZOD Impact D256 +73°F;50%RH ft lb/in 2.1
Tensile Impact Strength D1822 +73°F;LongSpecimen;DAM ft lb/in 2.1
IZOD Impact D256 +73°F;50%RH ftlb/in 240
Melting Point D789 Fisher-Johns °F 491
Thermal Conductivity DAM Conche-Fitch BTU-in / h•ft•°F 1.7
Brittleness Temperature D746 50% RH °F -85
Oxygen Index D2863 DAM %O 28
Oxygen Index D2864 50% RH %O 31
UL Flammability UL 94 DAM V-2
UL Flammability UL 95 50% RH V-2
Specific Optical Density
Sample Thickness UL Flammability Energy Source at Maximum Smoke Accumulation at 2 minutes
1/16″ 94 V-2 Radiant (2.5 watts/sq cm) 13 0
1/8″ 94 V-2 Radiant Plus Flaming Gas Jets 26 1
Specific Optical Density
Minimum Thickness Electrical (°C) Mechanical w/o Impact (°C) Hot Wire Ignition (sec)
0.028 125 65 11.8
0.058 125 85 15.0
Specific Optical Density
Height 0.390 9.90
Length 0.875 22.22
Width 0.625 15.87
Slot Height 0.090 2.29
Slot Width 0.325 8.26
Retaining Stud
Material 302 HQ Stainless Steel Ultimate Tensile 85 KPSI
Size Equivalent to U.S. #10
Chemistry (%)
C 0.017
S 0.001
Cr 17.5
Mo 0.05
Mn 0.83
Si 0.32
Ni 9.54
Cu 3.07
P 0.024
Co Trace
N PPM 155
Fe Remainder


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