Stud welding is a critical practice in the marine/ offshore, steel fabrication and shipbuilding industries. The necessity of power is not always accessible and/ or convenient on all job sites. At PFS, we strive to supply solutions no matter your power situation. Whether you have no power or only 110 volt availability, we can offer a resolution to get the job done.

Low Power Access (110 Volt)
One of the more common weld stud applications we see in our industries is the 3/8” diameter stud. In the fastening world, most applications for mounting cable hangers, tube supports, T-SEP Assemblies, tray supports, and many other platforms starts with the 3/8” male end stud as a foundation for accepting a tapped 3/8” entity. With that demand, this application can sometimes present problems if the job site is not equipped with 3 phase power; the historically prominent power source for stud welding such a diameter to a fixed structure.

The introduction of the HBS Visar 650 has offered the ground-breaking capability of providing a portable (~40 Lbs.) stud welding unit that relies on the simple 110 volt power to stud weld 3/8” diameter studs in conjunction with the HBS A-12 gun. In other words, if you have a standard US wall outlet, you can weld 3/8” diameter studs to compatible steel structures. PFS is proud to serve as an official HBS distributor/ partner and offers this stud welding system both for purchase (United States) and for rental (Gulf South Region). Furthermore, we can adapt the Visar 650 unit to accept arc welding guns that are outfitted with 4-Pole R&S connectors.

No Power Access
The evolution of the Hilti X-BT System has seen many changes since its inception all directed at improving the strength and efficiency of the fixed powder actuated stud while collaboratively improving the application process. The most recent improvement to this system is the introduction of the Hilti BX3 BT Cordless Battery Powered Fastening System. Traditionally, the X-BT system relied on the “powder-actuated” application which utilized boosters to produce the necessary charge for fastening. The BX3 BT uses the power of a sophisticated lithium battery to produce a combustion-free operation where no powder cartridges are required to operate, store and inevitably dispose.

This system drives up to 800/500/400 fasteners with a single battery charge (depending on B22 battery model – 5.2, 3.0 or 2.6 Ah). It is ideal for fastening directly to coated or treated steel and is suitable for use on high-strength coated steel 8 mm (5/16″) or thicker. Some common applications include fastening gratings to steel structures using X-FCM-M or X-FCM-R grating discs and X-FCS grating elements, fixing cable trays, channels, struts, light-duty electrical installations (T-bars, instrumentation panels, junction boxes), fitting out and much more. Also, fastening to fire coated (PFP) beams, functional bonding, protective bonding, terminal connection, lightning protection, bonding, and earthing/grounding applications when fixing X-BT-ER threaded studs, fastening pipe supports and cable tray supports to steel.