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Slotted Cable Hangers: Adaptive Offshore Support

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Cable Hangers Blog Posts

Optimizing the processes aboard marine structures such as oil rigs and ships can consist of making small changes to seemingly insignificant elements. Cable hangers number among those structural components that may be easily overlooked until they interfere with processes.

Common among the complications posed by inadequate cable hangers are:

  • limited support of a range of cable variations,
  • limited support of multiple neighboring cables,
  • tangling and bunching during the removal of individual cables, and
  • insufficient protection from harsh offshore elements.

Production Fastening Systems, LLC offers slotted cable hangers that address these problems issues through innovative design and hassle-free implementation.

Extensive support of cable variations

PFSNO’s slotted cable hangers are designed to accommodate cables of varying dimensions with ease.

Sturdy support of numerous cables

These grade 316 stainless steel slotted cable hangers are fabricated to be robust and adaptive, allowing the support of up to eight cables.

Hassle-free adaptability of cable support

Designed with practical use in mind, the slotted cable hangers carried by PFSNO allow for the effortless removal of individual cables without the hassle of tangled and bunched neighboring cables.

This same thoughtful approach to design means our slotted cable hangers are adaptable to almost any job. They can be installed on most structural members, and all of our cable hangers – from the “crimp” type tapped cable hangers to the ESL- and SLP-type hangers – are available with M-10 tapped metric studs so that hangers can be fastened to M-10 male-threaded studs.

Shock tested and built to last

Our cable hangers are available with zinc plating that provides extra protection against the corrosive elements associated with ships, oil rigs, and other offshore environments. Additionally, they have successfully completed shock testing by the U.S. Department of the Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding Shock and Vibration (Test Report #6913-3-3650: approved).

While these components may go unnoticed when they’re working effectively, the ease of use, adaptability, and durability of Production Fastening System, LLC’s cable hangers is irrefutable and a significant benefit to the overall efficiency of optimal offshore structures. Contact the experts at PFSNO to learn more about our cable hangers.

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