Using Capacitor Discharge Welders For Thin Materials

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When welding small-diameter studs to thin sheets of metal, capacitive discharge welding provides significant advantages over other fastening alternatives. During the process, which lasts only milliseconds, energy is rapidly emitted from banks of low voltage CD capacitors through the stud, partially melting it. The stud gun’s air pressure fuses the stud with the metal surface at the weld spot.

However, because the arc duration is so short, CD welding does require a cleaner surface area than arc stud welding. It’s critical to remove paint, scale, rust, and grease before beginning the process to achieve the desired outcome.

Joining thin metals without marring surfaces

The instantaneous weld of capacitive discharge makes it possible to create a strong bond within a minimized heat zone, making CD welding ideal for spot welding thin materials without distorting, discoloring, or otherwise marring surfaces.

Joining conductive and dissimilar metals

Because the energy discharge occurs instantaneously, it is possible to weld even electrically and thermally conductive materials. The shallow nature of CD welds means that dissimilar metals can be securely welded together without metallurgical complications.

When to use CD welds

Any base metal with a thickness under 0.062 in. (1.6 mm) should be welded using CD studs. Base metals as thin as 0.020 in. (0.5 mm) can also be stud welded using capacitor discharge without melt-through occurring.

Where to find American Welding Society- and ASTMCD-approved CD weld supplies

At PFSNO, we offer CD weld studs manufactured from AISI 1006-1020 low-carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel, copper alloy 260 and 268, and 1100, 5000, and 6061 series aluminum alloy, ranging in diameter from 4-40 to ⅜. All PFSNO’s American Welding Society- and ASTMCD-approved studs have a tip or projection on the weld end, ensuring precision and speed. Both flanged and non-flanged weld bases are offered.

To learn more about PFSNO’s inventory of CD stud welding supplies, contact our representatives or visit our website.

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