When To Replace Welding Equipment

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Welding Equipment

Stud welding has been a fabrication staple for more than 80 years, and during that time, the process as well as the equipment has undergone a continuous evolution in design, efficiency, and ergonomics. Today’s solid state stud welding equipment is a vast improvement over the early mechanical models, providing more precise control over weld cable resistance and other parameters.

However, even modern equipment must eventually be replaced. Consider replacing welding equipment under these conditions.

When welding equipment has become obsolete

While it’s not necessary to replace welding systems with each new iteration, when spare parts for older equipment become increasingly difficult to find, it’s time to replace the system.

When the cost of repairs affects the total cost of operations

Along the way, welding equipment will pick up wear and tear. Wiring connections may become dangerously friable; cable connections may disintegrate. Even solid state components can depreciate as they age and accumulate debris and moisture.

When the cost of repairs over time become greater than financing new equipment, an investment in new equipment becomes the more cost-effective decision.

When welding equipment poses a danger

While declines in manufacturing may make fabricators overly cautious about concerning investments in updated equipment, retaining outdated welding equipment can ultimately cost more. Welding systems that lead to hazardous conditions – whether due to injuries during use or to lower-quality welds – are an expensive gamble.

When cost-saving innovations are introduced

At times, innovations in fabrication tools can be drastic enough to make early adoption the wisest course of action. Equipment that has been designed with extended longevity in mind or welding equipment that offers vastly improved technology that ensures higher quality welds and improved efficiency are ultimately worth the investment for forward-thinking fabricators.

Consult with trained welding representatives

If you’re not sure whether your welding equipment is in need of repairs or replacement, consult with trained representatives capable of evaluating stud welding systems and their components. The factory-certified technicians at PFSNO are always available to provide our customers with on-site service, so contact us today to get started.

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