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ARC 656, A Cost-Saving Welding System

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Welding Equipment

When it’s time to replace older stud welding equipment, fabricators look for systems that offer the latest in welding technology advancements. At PFSNO, we work with engineers and manufacturers to identify areas in which equipment can be made more efficient, more ergonomic, and more economic, and the ARC 656M stud welder provides all of these benefits and more.

pro-weld arc-656m

Improved energy efficiency and extended weld system longevity

PFSNO’s ARC 656M replaced the standard continuous duty fan to cool the internal working of the ARC 656 stud welder with an on-demand cooling fan. This advancement means that the fan is only activated when components needs to be cooled.

Not only is the innovation an improvement in energy efficiency, it also extends the life of the stud welder. The continuous fan of the factory model make the stud welder more vulnerable to dust and debris on worksites.

Reduced welder fatigue due to more ergonomic design

PFSNO’s refined ARC 656M model offers dual handles, making it more manageable for two or even one welder to move the equipment. The 50 Ft. extension cord is double the size of the factory model, allowing welders to cover a much larger area without having to relocate the system.

Both of these modifications mean that welders can accomplish more with less fatigue, which improves overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Increased productivity and diminished waste

Clearly, a more energy-efficient stud welder that lasts longer is a more cost-effective system. Reduced welder fatigue and increased speed mean greater productivity, which means greater profitability.

The ARC 656M also decreases margins of error with its improved arc gun. The gun’s dampener ensures a smooth weld fillet, reduced spatter, and improved perpendicularity for each stud. Fewer mistakes decreases wasted materials and expenses.

Contact the welding innovators at PFSNO to learn more about our ARC 656M stud welder and all of the other high quality stud welding supplies that we provide. Our factory-certified technicians will come on-site to train your welders, making the transition to new equipment even smoother.

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